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MAYANK RATHI (World Youngest Hypnotherapist)


Clinical hypnotherapist, Mind Trainers NLP Practioner, PLR Therapist, Reiki Master, Pranik Healer and Tarrot Card Expert

He's professional and has trained more than 2,00,000 people with this brilliant sub-conscious reprogramming methodology. He can take over your mind like anything, he never forgets but can make you do so easily, Let the secrets Unfold . . .

Since he was 15, he started learning about the power of mind and human Subconscious Potential. He is one of the youngest Clinical therapists in the world, started practicing and training people in Hypnotherapy at the age of 17 years. Now he is a established Practitioner, Mind trainer & Subconscious Coach in India as well as abroad. His creative intent never kept him quite and his constant striving towards becoming a accomplished force in the field of Hypnosis makes him stand apart from his counterparts. He does not believe in just giving motivation to the people as it’s just a conditioning rather he works to re-anchor the blocking paradigms at the subconscious level.